Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson & Vermont Woods Studios

reverb Rock stars like Maroon 5, Guster, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson, Sting, Jason Mraz & Dave Matthews are bringing attention to rainforest conservation... hooray!
Our friends at the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and REVERB have teamed up with rock stars the likes of Maroon 5, Guster, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson, Sting, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Deborah Harry and dozens of other musicians to bring attention to a subject that's at the core of our mission at Vermont Woods Studios:

Rainforest Conservation

As a wood furniture company, we are passionate and vocal about protecting the worlds rapidly disappearing rainforests. It's exciting to see like minded people playing a leadership role in this area. The folks at REVERB are educating musicians on the origins of their wooden guitars which often come from illegally harvested (translation: stolen) rare rainforest trees like rosewood & ebony. They've put together a terrific video, "Instruments of Change" in a campaign to "harness the power of music to end illegal logging".


REVERB is a non profit organization founded by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her husband, Adam Gardner of the band Guster for the purpose of "engaging musicians and their fans to take action toward a more sustainable future". For years they've been working with musicians to implement sustainable practices during their tours. They've also been showcasing local green non-profits at each performance. Now they're taking on rainforest conservation!

What Do We Have in Common?

Reverb Musicians and furniture makers are all working to help people avoid purchasing rare rainforest woods-- whether they be for musical instruments or wooden furniture.
At Vermont Woods Studios we've been working to raise awareness about protecting the rainforest for over 10 years. As wood furniture makers we ask shoppers: "do know where your wood furniture comes from"? Most people are shocked to hear that up to 90% of our wood furniture in America is made of illegally harvested wood, clear cut from ecologically sensitive rainforests. Check out our Save the Tiger campaign and learn how your choices for wood furniture can affect our planet in ways you never imagined.

Thanks EIA, REVERB & Friends

Here's a shout out of thanks to Lauren Sullivan, founder of REVERB, Adam Gardner of the band Guster, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Lenny Kravitz, Sarah McLachlan and all the musicians who are working to prohibit illegal logging, by asking where the wood comes from each time they purchase an instrument. Now go to a REVERB concert and feel good about making the world a better place!

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She is a CEO who brakes for salamanders, has bottle-fed rescued squirrels and spent her vacation building furniture for a rural school in Costa Rica. She believes in the future and in the people who will build it. A former distance-learning professor at Tulane University with a master’s in environmental health & safety, she turned an interest in forest conservation and endangered species into a growing, local business. She delivers rainforest statistics at breakneck speed, but knows how to slow down and appreciate the beauty of a newly finished piece of heirloom furniture.

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