How to Choose the Perfect Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Chairs | Polywood Why Polywood? We have a thing about longevity and keeping stuff out of the landfill. Polywood is the only outdoor furniture we can confidently offer a lifetime guarantee for. Plus it's made of recycled milk jugs-- 500 in each chair. So instead of buying furniture that's made from illegal rainforest wood, you're keeping plastic waste out of our landfills. How awesome are you?

Summertime & the Livin' Is Easy

June is here and you've never been so happy to put all those April & May showers behind you. It's time to sit outside and relax in the sun with a cold drink and a good book. If you don't already have a comfy Adirondack chair, it's time to get one. There's tons of them out there so here's a quick guide to help you find the one that's just right for you.

Traditional White Or a Pop of Color?

White Adirondack Chairs | Polywood Polywood's Classic Folding Adirondack Chair is one of my favorites. How classy is this white conversation set? And you'll never have to scrape or paint because Polywood color is solid throughout the boards.
Red Adirondack Chairs | Polywood Need a pop of color in your sanctuary? These red Adirondack chairs will do the trick. They have a built in ottoman that slides underneath the seat when not in use. "Adirondack chairs are destination furniture, one-person resorts you put in your yard," Wayne Curtis, Yankee Magazine, June 22, 2009.

Original Style or Modern Contemporary?

Polywood Quattro Adirondacks | Modern Outdoor Furniture POLYWOOD’s Quattro Outdoor Collection adds a fresh new twist to the traditional Adirondack. Straight lines give it an innovative modern feel. Quattro is the highest quality patio furniture available & it comes in 13 gorgeous colors.

How Much Do You Really Want to Recline?

Adirondack Chairs | Dining | Bar & Counter Height How good are your knees? As comfy as these chairs are, you will have to get up out of them eventually. Make sure you find one that's not too low to the ground or on too extreme an incline. I like this Quattro Adirondack Dining Chair or the Adirondack Dining Chair for anyone who's had knee surgery or back pain.

Will You Be Carrying It to the Beach?

Comparison Chart | Polywood Adirondack Chairs Here's a comparison chart to help you decide which Polywood Adirondack chair is best for you. Click on the guide and then read more to find a diagram of each chair with details on height, width, depth and most importantly - weight. Polywood chairs weigh between 32 and 47 pounds.

How Low (or High) Can You go?

Bar Height | Counter Height | Dining Chairs | Adirondacks Most Polywood Adirondack chairs come in 4 different heights: standard low Adirondack, dining chair height, counter height and bar height.
Polywood Adirondack chairs are 100% American made, all weather, low-maintenance furniture. Constructed of recycled plastic lumber (RPL). They have the look, thickness, weight, and feel of real wood and are virtually indestructible and maintenance free. No more scraping, painting or weatherproofing. You can even leave POLYWOOD® Adirondacks outside year round so there's no need for carrying them into the basement every Fall.
Try out Polywood outdoor furniture at our Stonehurst showroom in Vernon, VT or buy your Adirondack chair online. Isn't it time to start relaxing?

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