A Mother's Day Gift Guide for Vermont Lovers

What Are You Getting Mom?

Whether you're a mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt or great uncle twice removed, you'll probably need to get a Mother's Day gift or two. If your honorees are devoted to exquisite, Vermont made treasures and you're lucky enough to be able to indulge them, we've got some suggestions for you.

Expecting Moms, New Moms & Grandmothers

Mother's Day Gift Guide | Give mom a rocking chair to relax & snuggle up in This handmade Quilted Rocker is perfect for expecting moms, new moms, grand moms, step moms and well.. any mom who needs a little pampering. The rocking chair's made in Vermont by Jim Geier. Mom will have the same rocker that's owned by several Presidents of the United States and even the Pope.

Overworked Moms

Mother's Day Gift Guide | Give mom handcrafted dinnerware from Simon Pearce Let's face it, all moms are overworked. Show your appreciation with a beautiful breakfast in bed. Pick some flowers and put them in this lovely Simon Pearce Weston vase. Serve the orange juice in hand-blown Hartland goblets. Round off your elegant breakfast surprise with coffee and croissants served in Cavendish mugs, plates and cereal bowls. Mom will love you forever.

Moms Who Need a Vacation

Mothers Day Gift Guide | Chaise Lounges from Polywood Are you starting to get the picture? Mom's exhausted and needs a vacation or at least to feel like she's on one. Give her the ultimate in comfort and relaxation with one of these gorgeous Polywood chaise lounges. Add some flowers, a glass of sangria and stir.

Picky Moms & Moms Who Have Everything

The perfect Mother's Day Gift is a Gift Certificate from Vermont Woods Studios OK there's no such thing as a picky mom or a mom who has everything but the thing is, what mom wouldn't absolutely love a Gift Certificate from Vermont Woods Studios? She can get whatever she wants, Simon Pearce glassware, Anichini linens, a sweet little Hubbardton Forge table lamp or even a piece of handmade furniture. You can buy gift certificates online or give us a call to order. They never expire and our furniture's all guaranteed for a lifetime.

How About Giving Mom the Stonehurst Experience?

Spend a little quality time with Mom as you wend your way northward to the pastoral country haven we call Stonehurst. It's a 200 year old Vermont farmhouse we've restored and renovated into a showroom for Vermont made furniture and home decor. Here's a map and info to guide your trip. You bring Mom. We'll bring the bubbly. Mom can shop, sip and sit out on the back deck enjoying the view. See you on May 14th. Safe travels.

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