Labor Day Sale: Celebrate Craftsmanship and Savings

Labor Day Sale: Celebrate Craftsmanship and Savings

Can you believe summer's almost over? We can’t either. As we (reluctantly) swap out beach towels for cozy blankets and iced teas for hot chocolates, it's the perfect time to give your home a makeover. Our Labor Day Sale is here to help you do just that! 

Dive into savings on our favorite collections to get your space ready for the cooler months ahead. Let's send off summer with a bang and welcome autumn with open arms– and updated decor. Today, we’re highlighting just a few collections included in our Labor Day Sale

Check out the sale page for the full list of discounts, and to be sure to grab your favorite pieces before they’re gone! 

Vermont Shaker Moon Bedroom Furniture Set

Vermont Shaker Moon Bedroom Set

Embodying timeless simplicity and utility, the Vermont Shaker Moon Bedroom Furniture Set is crafted with precision, each piece showcasing the beauty of natural wood grains and attention to detail. This collection is a nod to historic Shaker furniture designs, which have been celebrated for generations for their understated elegance and functionality. Choose from a variety of dressers, nightstands, and the classic Vermont Shaker Moon Bed to create a calming atmosphere featuring clean lines and gentle curves. 

American Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set

American Shaker Moon Bedroom Set

Drawing inspiration from traditional Shaker designs, the American Shaker Collection adds a contemporary twist to the timeless style we all know and love. While retaining the classic clean lines and functional designs of Shaker furniture, this collection introduces subtle modern elements, making it a perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Contemporary Craftsman Bedroom Furniture Set 

American Contemporary Craftsman Bedroom Set

For those who appreciate Craftsman style but are looking for a more modern flair, the Contemporary Craftsman Bedroom Set is your answer. With its emphasis on quality craftsmanship and sturdy construction, this collection merges the best of both worlds. Each piece is a testament to the skills of our craftsmen and the beauty of American hardwoods.

Larssen Bedroom Furniture Set 

Larssen Bedroom Set

The Larssen Bedroom Set is a blend of mid century modern design principles and Vermont craftsmanship. With its minimalist design, gentle curves, and emphasis on functionality, the Larssen Collection brings elegance to your home. Each piece is crafted to perfection, ensuring it not only looks beautiful, but stands the test of time.

Cherry Moon Bedroom Furniture Set 

Cherry Moon Bedroom Furniture Set

The Cherry Moon Bedroom Furniture Set celebration of the rich, warm tones of cherry wood. With its graceful curves and smooth finishes, this collection adds timeless sophistication to any space. The deep reddish-brown hue of cherry wood, combined with the collection's unique designs, makes each piece a standout. Choose from three styles of bed frame, tapered dressers, and even a handcrafted wood mirror to create a set that will make your bedroom sanctuary both cozy and chic. 

Upgrading just a few pieces to your home can make the difference between uninspiring and a space that reflects your personal style and comfort. For more sale items, head over to our dedicated Labor Day Sale page to find those perfect pieces. 

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