Kelsey Eaton Dances into the Woods

Kelsey Eaton, Marketing Maven at Vermont's Online Fine Furniture Store
Finding people who want to work at Vermont Woods Studios is easy, but finding just the right person for a particular job opening is hard. Over the last few years, whenever we've advertised a job opening, we've had 50-100 applicants express interest. About 25% of them are excellent candidates and we usually end up interviewing about 5-10 people for each opening.
As with any employer, we're looking for people who are smart, hard-working, driven, creative and easy to get along with. We also consider who the new employee will be spending most of their time with and try to make sure there is a good fit between the personalities. Beyond that though, there is something intangible involved in selecting the right person. In Kelsey Eaton's case it was a spirit of determination and courage and a notion that anything is achievable. Here's a little bit about her background:
Kelsey's a recent graduate of Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont where she earned her BS in Communications with a concentration in Media Practices. She is now pursuing a masters degree in Internet marketing at Full Sail University. Kelsey's career in marketing began at age 11 when she created an e-zine called The Underworld-- a weekly email publication that featured her own original poetry and photography as well as music reviews and celebrity gossip.
While at Green Mountain College, Kelsey was selected as Art Director and Marketing Manager for the school's monthly publication, The Mountaineer. Besides using social media to connect with supporters, Kelsey also employed telemarketing-- a feat no ordinary person could ever survive, right?
After graduating from GMC Kelsey worked her own freelance designer business, doing a variety of graphic design, writing, and photography projects, including work for Poultney's famous Full Belly Deli.
Now she spends her time working with Dennis in our Marketing "Department" (that would be Dennis and Kelsey). She reaches out to customers and friends, promoting Vermont made fine furniture to local, regional and national media outlets as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz and the Vermont Furniture Blog. In her free time, Kelsey teaches belly dancing (Loryn and Liz are her star pupils) and enjoys music and writing.
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