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Hubbardton Forge | Lighting Fixtures | Modern American Blacksmiths I love this picture of George Chandler and Reed Hampton, the founders of Hubbardton Forge, Vermont's 40 year old handcrafted lighting manufacturer. The two men met serendipitously in Paul Aschenbach's art class at the University of Vermont. How funny that George's last name means candle maker!
Next stop on my tour of Vermont's luxury home decor providers is lighting manufacturer, Hubbardton Forge. If you've had to buy or install lighting fixtures over the last few decades you're no doubt aware that most lighting is manufactured in Asia these days and the quality isn't what it used to be.
Enter Hubbardton Forge of Castleton. The company was established in 1974 by two guys in a barn who set out to revive the forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into contemporary designs. Today the business started by George Chandler and Reed Hampton is one of the largest contemporary commercial forges in America. Forty years of practicing time honored principles have built an international reputation for innovative designs, simplicity and integrity.
During my visit to the forge I met with Art Director, Wendy Fannin to show her what we're doing at Stonehurst and discuss possible strategies to cross-promote our products. Both companies share a passion for simple elegance, traditional craftsmanship and a commitment to environmental stewardship so it seems some synergy could be achieved.
At Vermont Woods Studios we're looking forward to receiving our first order of Hubbardton forge chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and table lamps very soon and I'm eager to see how they transform our space. They'll be accompanied by fine furniture from studios all around the state, glassware from Simon Pearce, ceramics from Laura Zindel and hopefully linens from Anichini and furniture/pottery from Shackleton-Thomas.
Keep posted on our latest inventory and/or plan a trip to see everything in person at Stonehurst!

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