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Hardwood Furniture | High Quality | American Made in Vermont High quality, real solid hardwood furniture is expensive, no doubt about it. But customers are still buying this cherry and walnut bedroom furniture set and other hardwood furniture pieces. Their reasons have to do with longevity, value and beauty.

Top 3 Reasons To Buy Hardwood Furniture

High quality, real solid hardwood furniture is expensive, no doubt about it. It's not for everyone. College students are more likely to find suitable furniture at IKEA- that's for sure. But if you landed on this blog post, you're probably a homeowner looking to feather your nest for the long term, right? Well we talk to people like you everyday and so we've learned a few things about why our customers are looking to buy hardwood furniture.

First - It's Beautiful

Check out our cherry and walnut hardwood bedroom furniture set. You just don't get this kind of smooth, refined patina on pine, spruce or other soft wood furniture. When hardwoods are sanded properly and finished with a clear, non-toxic lacquer or hand-rubbed natural oil, you can run your hands over the wood and it almost feels like skin. No softwood, metal or plastic furniture can give the same tactile sensation that high quality, handmade hardwood furniture does.

Second - It's Durable and Lasts a Lifetime

Hardwoods like cherry, walnut, maple and oak wood are from deciduous trees that grow slower than coniferous softwood trees like pine, spruce, larch and fir. Thus hardwoods are typically more dense, heavy, durable and, well... hard. They also are fairly non - resinous and close grained so they don't leak sap and split like pine does. If you take care of your hardwood furniture it will hold up beautifully for many years, even many generations. We are confident enough in our hardwood furniture to back it with a lifetime guarantee.

Third - It's a Natural, Organic Part of a Healthy Home

Many people, especially those with young children are looking for natural, organic furniture to be a part of their healthy homes. They often talk to us about where their furniture comes from too. Hardwood furniture that's made in America is typically built with wood that's sustainably harvested from well-managed American forests. Families enjoy breaking bread over a dinner table that's made in harmony with nature.

Bonus Reason! It's Economical in the Long Run

OK, I said Top 3 Reasons, but here's a fourth that I just can't walk away from. In the long run, high quality hardwood furniture is cheaper to buy than other types of furniture-- even IKEA's. Consider how many times you'll have to buy a bedroom set or dining furniture over your lifetime if you're always buying something cheap. We've had lots of customers who tell us they've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a few years while they save up to buy a high quality hardwood bed. I can relate to that.
What are your reasons for searching for hardwood furniture? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook!

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