Green Up Day at Vermont Woods Studios

Green Up Day 2019 | Vermont Woods Studios Vermont residents have a wonderful tradition of volunteering to clean up our highways & byways every Spring. At Vermont Woods Studios, Green Up Day has become an annual ritual. Can you tell we love doing it? From L to R: Greg, Ken, Sean, Michelle (one leg and one arm only), Peggy, Geoff, Martin, Liz, JerBo and Riley. Thanks to Nina, our Creative Director for the photos!

Our 14th Green Up Day

If you've ever stopped by Stonehurst or worked with us via phone, you probably know Sean Henry, Sales & Design Consultant Extraordinaire. This is Sean's 6th Green Up Day with Vermont Woods Studios. We've been helping to clean up our neighborhood every year since our start in 2005.
Liz Francese | VWS Operations & Shipping Manager This beach-beautification treehugger is Liz Francese. Liz is our Operations and Shipping Manager. She coordinates the process of getting your handcrafted furniture from the workshop where it's crafted to your home. Liz also spearheads many of our charitable projects. She's always quick to volunteer for a good cause.
Ken Farabaugh | CFO of Vermont Woods Studios Ken Farabaugh is co-owner and CFO here at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out that air he's got in the first photo. Not bad for an old guy.
Geoff Strawbridge | Vermont Woods Studios | Green Up Day 2019 Geoff Strawbridge is our Marketing and IT manager at VWS. He's based in Burlington, VT but he and Riley make the journey down to our "corporate headquarters" in Vernon every week to help us continuously improve our business. Geoff's an avid outdoorsman with a passion for Vermont's green lifestyle.
Greg Augustine | Vermont Woods Studios | Green Up Day 2019 From L to R: Liz Francese, myself (Peggy Farabaugh) and Greg Augustine. Greg is new to our VWS team this year. He's our Facilities, Equipment & Shipping Coordinator. We feel very fortunate to have Greg on our team & look forward to having his help at many more Green Up Day events.
Michelle Rooks | Martin Corbin | Riley Farabaugh I wanted to include this photo so you could see Michelle (4th from L). She's our Bookkeeper & Order Processor, the ever important person who conveys your order to your craftsman, making sure you get exactly what you want. This is Michelle's 6th Green Up Day with Vermont Woods Studios.

Thank You

I'd like to thank all of our VWS staff for their help Greening up our neighborhood and for their ongoing support of our many community service activities.

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