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Wood and Metal Tables

Vermont furniture ancestry traces back over 200 years. Beautifully simple and functional designs in pure, natural hardwood is the Vermont signature style today. Could it be something very different is in the works? Within the past few months we have seen a new trend with tables large and small that is quite popular in the major metro areas. It’s a blend of live edge or reclaimed woods with sturdy raw or finished metal underpinnings, metal industrial in look. For decades metal furniture was commonly paired with glass tops and the ornate metal work was the style focal point. However, in traditional and even most contemporary Vermont furniture metal is typically reserved for simply the hardware components.
What’s the inspiration behind the pieces? It is driven by a love or appreciation of real wood in it’s minimally altered state. Others want a connection to the past when reclaimed wood is the chosen top. The choice of metal legs is one of pure function and minimal distraction allowing the unique wood top to float in your space. The style certainly makes a handmade statement.
Is there a name for this style yet? Not sure anyone has claimed one yet but my associate Heather likes to call it industrial meets rural. I have been calling it wood-n-metal. At first I wasn't seeing it for me, but the more I look at this pairing the more it grows on me. I now can see where pinning wood legs underneath may distract from the beauty of the carefully chosen wood top which, rightfully, should get the most attention.
We’ve recently added this new (indus-tree-al) style to our online gallery with three coffee tables. Our versions include a reclaimed, live edge, and a hardwood plank top. Each of these unique wood tops are supported by a powder coated steel base.
Look for more Furniture Fashion posts in the future!

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