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Solid Wood Extension Tables This eco-friendly Solid Wood Extension Table is handmade in Vermont using sustainably harvested wood. Have you ever wondered who thought up extension tables in the first place? “Let’s saw this table top in two. Then we can stick a couple boards in between the 2 halves and extend the table when company comes.” Just saying... it might have sounded a little crazy at first.

January is a popular month to shop for dining tables. I guess every year, around the holidays people decide "this is going to be my last year entertaining around this old table! It's too small, it's too old, it's not the right shape..." So we build a lot of dining tables in January and this year, they are almost all extension tables.
Who ever thought up the idea of extension tables in the first place? I mean... "let's saw this table top in two. Then we can stick a couple boards in between the 2 halves and extend the table when company comes." Pretty innovative, but it must have sounded a little crazy at first-- don't you think?
Extension tables have come a long way since some creative person designed the first one. Now you can get extension tables with 1, 2, 3 or more leaves (our furniture makers have been known to build custom tables with as many as 5 leaves). The leaves can be self-storing, with butterfly mechanisms or little cubbies under the table for convenient storage. With 3 or more leaves there is usually an extra leg tucked under the table top for extra support.
At Vermont Woods Studios, our extension tables are handcrafted of real solid wood and 100% American made by Vermont craftspeople. They can be customized in Cherry, Maple, Black Walnut, or Oak wood. And you can choose from different designs to suit the shape and style of your dining room: drop leaf, trestle, split pedestal, single pedestal and double pedestal.
Looking for a particular style or shape? Browse through Shaker, modern, mission, French country, traditional, craftsman and mid-century modern styles in round to oval and square to rectangular shapes.

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