Exploring Mission Style Bedroom Furniture

Mission Style Bedroom Furniture

Mission Style Bedroom Furniture

Clean lines, simple ornamentation, and sturdy wooden frames are the primary distinguishable features of Mission Style Bedroom Furniture. This furniture style focuses on the inherent quality of the design, the natural beauty of the materials, and a build that is made to last for generations.
In the early 1900s, Mission style furniture was created as a reaction to the industrial revolution and the ways in which it devalued the individual worker. The bold lines and sturdy, unadorned wooden base contrasted greatly against the frilly, ornate aesthetic of the mass produced designs of the Victorian era.
Mission Style emphasizes simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that accentuate the wood grain, and is most commonly crafted in Oak with a stain finish. There is little or no decoration, though the joinery is often given a darker stain to emphasize the expert construction.
While Mission Style furniture was created as a design movement that rejected low quality, mass produced pieces, eventually Mission style was mass produced just like its predecessors, and low-quality Mission furniture was soon found everywhere.
At Vermont Woods Studios, however, our Mission Style furniture is still built with the quality and integrity that Mission Style has long represented. A focus on real quality craftmanship, built by real expert Vermont artisans.
Mission Style Bedroom Furniture

Why bring Mission Style Bedroom Furniture into your home?

As mentioned previously, Mission Style bedroom furniture is masterfully crafted to be sturdy, simple, and inherently striking. It's perfect for a bedroom because (like all of our furniture) it's built for a lifetime of use and if you like sleeping as much as I do, your bed gets a ton of wear over the years. You're going to want something functional, simplistic, and built for real use.
Is Mission Style furniture bedroom furniture right for you? Check out our collections of mission furniture or contact one of our friendly fine furniture specialists to talk about crafting a custom mission style bedroom furniture piece just for you.

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