Vermont Woods Studios: We're Not Just a Series of Clicks

factory-4-sanding When we say handmade, we mean handmade.

Environmentally Friendly Furniture Made by Real Vermonters

In 1984, Apple computer launched the Macintosh. It was the first successful mouse-driven computer that changed the way the world functions today. We’ve all caught on to the awesome and encompassing power of this mouse-driven phenomenon too. Today, most of us, bleary-eyed and droopy tailed, crawl from our comfortable beds in the morning and turn our computers on en route to make coffee.
We search the web for news and browse our social media, snickering at embarrassing pictures of Aunt Sue from the last family gathering. We know that we can get anything we want when we want it simply by making a few gentle clicks of a mouse.
Being able to do this makes our crazy lives a bit easier. Now we don’t have to go into the store, talk to the sales people and carry our purchases home with us. We can search, click, put in some personal info and expect our prize on our doorstep in 3-5 business days.
Here’s the other thing our powerful computers have given us, options. You can have any bed, dresser or dining room table you want from wherever you want. It’s no longer a pool of five possibilities but hundreds of thousands, and we have to make decisions.
You decide who you want to buy from; what business you want to support. That support creates a ripple effect in the economy, the environment and in the lives of people like me and you.
Often with the good, we are forced to let in the bad. The computer has given us so much but it has also taken something very important away. It has become a barricade in the way of real connection.
You may not ever know who tediously screwed the limbs onto the dolls you bought your children or what hands so diligently assembled the furniture you trust to hold you up and keep you comfortable. You can only speculate as to the stories of the lives of the people who provide you with the real life objects you saw on-screen.
At Vermont Woods Studios, we know we’re not comfortable with that reality. So, this is a message from us to you about who we are: We are 12 fun-loving, hard-working people dedicated to selling only American-Vermont made furniture.
copeland-5 Sean and friends visiting one of our workshops.

We are people who have taken the time to establish relationships with our craftspeople. We know their work, we know their hobbies and we remember when they had experimental pony-tails.
We laugh and joke and eat lunch together. We know Sean loves Thai food and Dennis needs to snack.
It’s not just us and our craftspeople you support when you buy our furniture, it’s also our mission. With each order we take, we plant trees through our partners at Forests for Monarchs or The Nature Conservancy. The success of the company has allowed us to dedicate more time to researching and raising awareness about deforestation in the rainforest.
We love when people all around the country buy our furniture and proudly display it in their homes or offices. We want you to know that no matter where you are and when you order from us, it is always this solid group of hard workers on the other end getting you what you need in an environmentally responsible and people oriented way.
Thank you for your continued support.

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