5 Elements of a Mid-Century Modern Living Room

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Founded on principles of sustainability and fine craftsmanship, the team at Vermont Woods Studios believes that your living space should be a reflection of timeless elegance and simplicity, hallmarks of a design principle called Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-Century Modern design style originated in the mid-20th century, a period of time that witnessed a wave of innovation in architecture and furniture design. It was an era defined by a move towards simplicity and functionality, influenced by the need for post-war America to rebuild efficiently and stylishly. This period left a mark on the design landscape, giving rise to pieces that remain timeless today. 

If you’re looking to incorporate elements of the mid-century modern design aesthetic in your living room, be sure to keep these five key elements in mind: 

1. Natural Wood Pieces

mid-century modern living room

Mid-century modern design cherishes the natural beauty of wood. As a result, when choosing furniture for your mid-century living room, opt for clean lines and gentle organic curves in furniture pieces, which ground your living room with warmth. A solid wood TV stand or a sleek coffee table are the perfect examples. 

2. Iconic Lighting

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The unsung hero of the mid-century modern design aesthetic, lighting is both functional and a point of artistic expression. When choosing lighting for your space, look for pieces that make a statement. These fixtures aren't just sources of light, but also works of art that embody the innovation and optimism of the mid-20th century.

3. Geometric and Organic Forms

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Geometry plays a critical role in mid-century modern design. Incorporate it through patterned rugs or wall art that feature asymmetrical shapes and bold colors. But remember– balance geometry with organic forms, such as rounded vases or an egg-shaped chair. This juxtaposition is the essence of mid-century modern décor.

4. Earth Tones and Vibrant Colors

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While mid-century modern design is often associated with subdued hues, don't shy away from splashes of color. Vibrant yellows, blues, and greens can coexist harmoniously with earthy browns and grays. Use colorful throw pillows or an accent chair to add personality to your living room while maintaining an overall feeling of calm.

5. Functional Minimalism

mid-century modern bookcase

At its core, mid-century modern design is all about functionality. Each piece in your living room should serve a purpose, keeping your space neat and ensuring a blend of both form and function. Furnishings with multiple functions, like a sleek sofa bed or nesting tables, offer versatility and utility without compromising on style.

At Vermont Woods Studios, we take pride in offering furniture that embodies these elements, ensuring that your space is an expression of your style. Take a look at our mid-century modern offerings to find timeless pieces that bring both function and elegance to your home. 


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