Celebrate World Environment Day with EcoTourism!

World Environment Day | Eco Tourism at Serere in the Bolivian Amazon Protectors of the Amazon | EcoTourism opportunities at the Serere Reserve in Bolivia

Happy World Environment Day! As you know, Vermont Woods Studios is a wood furniture company, founded on the principles of forest conservation and we're always trying to raise awareness about that cause.

Amazon Rainforest Conservation Project

Recently I traveled to the Bolivian Amazon to support the rainforest conservation work of environmental activist, Rosamaria Ruiz. Her work has been the subject of articles and videos in National Geographic and numerous other conservation magazines. It takes place in the Madidi National Park and at the Serere Reserve, the Most Biodiverse Protected Area on Earth. Here Rosamaria welcomes scientists, artists, writers, film makers, photographers, students and ecotourism lovers to help with her conservation initiatives.

Conservation Through EcoTourism & Volunteerism

Rosamaria funds her conservation work through ecotourism and also enlists the help of volunteers from all over the world. I wanted to share this with you in case you or someone you know might be interested in visiting or volunteering at Serere.

Serere is a unique biological gem! It's relatively small 4000 hectare reserve is home to 7 species of monkeys, tapirs, sloths, jaguars, black caimans, many snake species (including anacondas), hundreds of bird species (including harpy eagles, macaws, herons, eagles, toucans, jabirus, and hoatzin) and a wide variety of fish.

Animals are congregating in Serere for the safety Rosamaria and her staff provide. Outside Serere's borders this paradise is being eroded by illegal logging, gold mining, cattle ranching, sugar refineries, agriculture and the like. One of two things is bound to happen at Serere. Either it will disappear like the surrounding areas or it will be expanded due to the efforts of people like Rosamaria Ruiz and you and me.

Visit Serere and Experience the Rainforest!

I write to you on World Environment Day in hopes that you might share this message with anyone you know who might be looking for an ecotourism or volunteer opportunity in the rainforest. I believe Rosamaria would welcome the opportunity to speak with scientists, writers, photographers and other professionals interested in supporting her conservation work. If you have an interest, visit Rosamaria's website Madidi-Travel.com to learn more! You can also feel free to contact me via Facebook | Vermont Furniture or email (peggy@VermontWoodsStudios.com) and read more about my trip to Serere are on my blog.

Thanks so much for reading this and for your support of our environmental mission at Vermont Woods Studios.

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