Delivery Update as Covid Delays Persist

Thank You for Your Patience

It has been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started causing chaos and it has been tough going for everyone. We deeply appreciate and cherish all our past, present, and future customers. We apologize for the delays that Covid-19 is causing. Like all of us here at VWS, our Customer Service Representative, Brian Doherty, feels your pain. He asked me to post some common Q&A about how things are going.
Covid delays

Why Is My Order Taking So Long?

A legitimate question, for sure because it seems this Covid pandemic should be winding down by now. In some places it is, but globally the Corona Virus outbreak is still wreaking havoc. The reasons for delays in furniture deliveries have only been exacerbated since we first wrote about them in September, 2020. A surge in home improvement projects, a shortage of lumber, Covid-related quarantines in the workforce, shipping & logistics bottlenecks and labor shortages are the main culprits.

I have an open order, what should I expect?

If you have an open order with us, please expect a longer lead time than initially provided. Every effort is being made to keep you in the loop, however some lead time extensions are unexpected and sudden. The reasons for these vary from workshop to workshop but ultimately everything is just taking longer. In general, lead times have extended by about 4 weeks since January 2021. We will notify you when your order ships.

I want to place an order, is there anything I should know?

The lead times on our sites are being updated frequently to be as accurate as possible so please continue to use those as a guideline, with the expectation that it may change going forward.
If you have events planned for later in the year, consider placing your order sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important for customers seeking Polywood outdoor furniture. If demand from 2020 is anything to go by, now is the time to get your orders in. It is also important to factor in shipping time when trying to time an order. If you have any questions about placing an order, please contact our Sales Team.

We Are Advocating for You

Ultimately Covid delays are about keeping our workforce and our customers as safe as possible during this global pandemic. We can't make delays go away but I promise you we are on top of this. We're in communication with our workshops and our shippers every day. We reach out to customers whenever we have updates to share and we are always here to respond to your phone calls and emails. Please know that your safety and your order are our highest priority.

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