Top 4 POLYWOOD<sup>®</sup> Chaise Lounges

High End Chaise Lounges from Polywood | All Weather Outdoor Furniture Looking for a high end chaise lounge you'll never have to replace? Check out POLYWOOD's South Beach Adirondack Chaise Lounge, Nautical Chaise Lounge, Long Island Chaise Lounge and Euro Chaise. They're maintenance-free and come with a lifetime guarantee!
It's summer, the sun is finally out and you're ready to lounge by the pool in style. Need a new chaise lounge this year? We've rounded up the Top 4 POLYWOOD chaise lounges for your relaxing pleasure. What makes them the best choice for outdoor pool, patio and beach lounges? Well, as POLYWOOD products they all have a few things in common:
  • This high end, all weather outdoor furniture is beautiful, strong, durable and Maintenance-free
  • There's no mold, mildew, weathering, cracking or warping as with wooden outdoor furniture
  • There's no need for winter storage. You may leave your POLYWOOD furniture outside all winter
  • These chaises are heavy (about 50# each)! They won't blow away in strong coastal winds
  • POLYWOOD is a great value. It's furniture you will never have to replace
  • POLYWOOD is available in many vibrant colors like red, yellow, blue, green and tangerine as well as traditional browns, white and black
  • You can order optional matching all weather Sunbrella cushions for extra comfort
But each chaise lounge has it's own unique features as well. Here's what we like best about the:
  • South Beach Adirondack Chaise Lounge - love the modern version of Adirondack style paired with surprisingly vibrant colors: Sunset Red, Tangerine, Lemon, Lime, Aruba, Pacific Blue
  • Nautical Chaise Lounge - this chaise has wheels and is stackable so it's a must-have for patios or beaches that have to be rearranged at night
  • Long Island Chaise Lounge - this is the true blue Adirondack design, similar to the South Beach chaise and also available in modern vibrant colors
  • Euro Chaise - I have to admit the Euro chaise is my favorite with it's sleek, modern design. So many choices for color combinations too! Choose from 3 different frame colors and 14 different slat colors for a total of 42 distinct color customization possibilities.
Which POLYWOOD chaise would you choose and why? Let us know on Facebook!

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