Upgrading Your Outdoor Space for Fall: Tips & Advice

Upgrading Your Outdoor Space for Fall: Tips & Advice

Tips for Creating Fall's Best Outdoor Furniture Spaces

Fall is the perfect time to gather together outside on the patio or in the back yard. Add warmth & ambiance by arranging your Adirondack Chairs around a Fire Pit Table.

By guest blogger, Emma Bishop

Fall is my favorite season for cozying up around the fire pit with friends and family. Create a beautiful outdoor living space and you'll be sure to gather more often. There are plenty of ways to upgrade an outdoor area with just a few adjustments to make it feel fresh and upscale. Here are a few tips to upgrade your outdoor space this season. Add comfy lounge seating. The POLYWOOD® Harbour Deep Seating Collection is the ultimate in outdoor luxury and comfort. Use high quality all-weather frames and cushions to create extra seating in your patio or backyard retreat.

Add Extra Seating

Most homeowners use their outdoor space as a spot to entertain guests. Allow for more friends and neighbors to stop by with the addition of extra seating options. Consider purchasing a new dining set to add space for sharing a meal together or chatting with a neighbor over a friendly card game. Other options for extra outdoor seating include outdoor sofas that you can group together to form other seating areas within the outdoor space.

Add dining sets in your choice of height: dining height, counter height or bar height tables & chairs. The La Casa Cafe 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set comes in 7 different traditional colors. Optional POLYWOOD-Sunbrella seat cushions.

Add Ambience

There is something about adding the perfect outdoor light to a space that can instantly transform any outdoor area into an upgraded environment. Consider upgrading your current outdoor lighting fixtures that may have seen a few too many summers under the blaring sun. Choose newer energy efficient styles by Hubbardton Forge that reflect the upgraded atmosphere of your outdoor living space as well. There are also a large variety of string lights that are available for homeowners who want to add ambience. Choose solar options whenever possible to help the environment as well as cut down on energy consumption. Add interesting lighting fixtures. Our partners at Hubbardton Forge have a large selection of upscale, American made indoor & outdoor lighting to transform your space.

Add Pops of Color

Consider the color palette of your current outdoor space and choose a few different areas to add pops of color. Providing exciting, and sometimes even unexpected, colors can help provide interest to an outdoor area and pull together an upscaled color scheme. Choosing this POLYWOOD rocking chair in pacific blue would be a great option to add around a fire pit or along the shoreline. Consider mixing two complementary colors together throughout your outdoor space to provide an upgraded overall look.

Add pops of color. Our Presidential Outdoor Rocking Chair by POLYWOOD comes in 13 different colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, orange, black, white, brown and more.

Add Native Plants

Many homeowners have some plants in their backyard that are always causing some sort of issue: either the leaves are always getting in the pool or the kids get pricked by the thorns. Consider finally getting rid of those problem plants and upgrading to those that provide an overall upscale look. Minimalistic landscaping is popular right now and there are many native plants that will virtually take care of themselves without requiring too much watering or maintenance. By using native plants around your outdoor space you’ll support natural pollinators as well as make sure that the plant does well in your climate conditions. Native plants to enhance your relaxation while dining outdoors. The Euro 7-Piece Dining Set is customizable in your choice of mahogany or teak POLYWOOD as well as 3 different frame colors.

Add Shade Options

Spending a lot of time outdoors doesn’t always mean that you want to spend it all directly underneath the sun. Create shading options in your outdoor living space by adding umbrellas or sun sails to add areas of cooler temperatures. Using an awning, umbrellas or a pergola over a dining set or seating area can greatly increase the usability of the space as well as the amount of time that you will want to be outdoors. Providing areas of shade is important to fully enjoy your outdoor space without having to deal with the adverse effects of being in the sun too long. Add shade over your dining spaces. This pergola roof shades our Polywood Bayline 5-Piece Bar Set. It's the perfect place to relax while enjoying a summertime cocktail. Upgrading your outdoor living space is easy with these tips:

  • Add more seating options
  • Shade those seats
  • Replace old lighting with new fixtures
  • Add native plants
  • Use pops of color to create interest

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Emma Bishop is a lifestyle and design writer, and mother of two beautiful girls. She is a social butterfly and loves to entertain guests at home with beautifully decorated spaces for any occasion.

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