Behind the Scenes: George's Mill Becomes Photo Studio

George's Mill Antique Car Garage Turns Photo Studio?
If you're starting to notice an influx of fine furniture photography, you're paying attention to the work of Nina, our Photographer & Merchandising Assistant! Nina & Dennis have been travelling around Southern Vermont finding great places to set up our furniture & take new photos for the site. Most recently, they've been working on a project at George's Mill in Vernon where they are building a photo studio from scratch!
The original George's Mill was reconstructed in 1974 by Nicholas George, and the 2nd building (the post office) was built in 1985 by Eli N. George. This location is actually where our previous office and headquarters were, before making the move to Stonehurst.

Take a Behind the Scenes Look at George's Mill Progress:

George's Mill Riley, Tristan & Dennis set up the wall structure at George's Mill.
The team has made great progress at George's Mill and they aren't done yet! Nina, however, has already used the space for the backdrop of a new bedroom collection photo! The fusion of Photoshop and a little elbow grease comes to life with our new Holland Collection.

Take a look at the new photo and bedroom collection.

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