All Weather Adirondack Chairs: American Made & Guaranteed High Quality

All Weather Adirondack Chairs by Polywood
Today was the first day of 2014 that was warm enough (for me, anyway) to eat lunch outside on the porch. Hallelujah, Spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the snow has melted off our stoic all weather Adirondack chairs. Yes we callously left them outside all winter long to endure the frigid temperatures, frost, ice and snow that only Vermont skiers can appreciate.
Long Island Adirondack Chairs | Made in America by Polywood | Recycled Plastic
But when we sat down on our Classic Adirondack chairs chairs today they looked and felt like new. That's because they're made using an innovative new technology that takes recycled plastic drink containers and transforms them into plastic lumber that's more durable than real wood. A company called POLYWOOD Inc, in Syracuse Indiana produces the furniture. To tell the truth, we were looking for something Vermont made when we decided to start carrying high quality outdoor patio furniture. But, after doing the research we fell in love with POLYWOOD for many reasons:
  • POLYWOOD is stylish, comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly
  • The many colors (red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white, black and more) of POLYWOOD are imbued throughout the recycled plastic lumber (RPL) which means scratches don't show up and no painting or maintenance is required
  • POLYWOOD has coated stainless steel hardware that's rust resistant so the furniture can be left outside all year long
  • POLYWOOD reduces the amount of plastic in landfills and helps preserve rare tropical rainforest woods that would otherwise be used for patio furniture
  • More reasons to love POLYWOOD here
Kids All Weather Adirondack Chairs Parents love POLYWOOD kids furniture because of it's high safety rating and compliance with American manufacturing standards. No worries about sharp corners, lead paint or other toxins found in imported furniture. Read more about child safety and outdoor furniture on our website.
Learn more about this versatile all weather Adirondack furniture on our website. Customize POLYWOOD online in the styles and fade-resistant colors that match the decor of your porch, patio, poolside, deck or beach front. Then rest comfortably all year long, knowing your American made outdoor furniture meets the high quality standards of our lifetime guarantee.

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