A Year in Review 2016

year in review Peggy (far left) with milkweed farmers from Vermont, Jose Luis Alvarez of FFM (4th from the left) and Francois Simard (4th from the right) of Encore 3 an innovative company transforming the way we use milkweed.

A look back at (almost) everything we did this year.

The Fun Stuff

From saving Monarch Butterflies to baking bread for the local food-shelf, we do a lot more than just sell wood furniture. At Vermont Woods Studios we’re on a mission to change the world. Our accomplishments may be on a smaller scale than some but they have deep meaning to us and to our customers. Not to mention, it’s the most fun part of our work!

So, without further adieu, here are highlights of the things we did in 2016. We are grateful to you, our friends, customers, furniture makers, shippers, vendors, neighbors and other supporters for making our work possible.

We partnered with Forests For Monarchs

year in review
Founded in 1997 by Mexican tree nurseryman, Jose Luis Alvarez, Forests For Monarchs is an innovative non-profit designed to restore the Monarch’s forest habitat in Mexico. We partnered with Jose and his organization because as a sustainable furniture company, we wanted a palpable way to make a difference with the environment. Learn more about our partnership here.

Save the Monarchs Tour

year in review
In a little over a week we traveled to four cities and sponsored eight events at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, the Boston Museum of Science, Yale University’s Green Cafe and the Philadelphia Zoo. We brought Jose Luis along with us to discuss the importance of his work in Mexico and what Americans can do here to make a difference. To learn more about this tour visit here.

Donation to Wags to Riches Cocktail Party & Auction for Humane Society

year in review
As a large group of animal lovers, we also participated in the Windham County’s annual Wags to Riches Cocktail Party and Auction. This year we donated a maple pedestal dining table and weekend get-away to Stratton Mountain Resort.

Connecticut River Clean-up

year in review
Peggy’s love for a healthy environment spurred her desire to start Vermont Woods Studios. It only makes sense that we’d get together as a team to clean up a portion of the Connecticut River this year on Earth Day.

Sponsored a field trip to BEEC

year in review
One of our favorite events each year, the annual third grade field trip to Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center BEEC in West Brattleboro, VT. Along with the instructors, we helped the students explore vernal pools as part of their science unit. They collected tadpoles, insect larva and more and were able to identify each one!

Milkweed Seed & Seedling Giveaway

year in review
In early spring we sent out over 60 packages of milkweed seeds and gave away hundreds of seedlings to people local to our Brattleboro community. It was part of our larger effort to bring the Monarch Butterfly back to Vermont. Learn more about the importance of milkweed here.

Load the Latchis

year in review
Every year WKVT, our local radio station hosts a food drive at the historic Latchis Hotel & Theater in Downtown Brattleboro. The goal of the event is to load every seat at the theater (750 in total) with a bag of groceries. This year, we collected five bags full of food to donate to the event.

Baked Bread for Brattleboro Drop-In Center

year in review
As part of King Arthur’s Bake For Good, we baked loaves of bread to donate to our local food-shelf.

2016 Vernon Giving Tree

year in review
The town of Vernon, where we’re located, annually hosts a holiday gift drive for families in need. We chose seven individuals ranging from infancy to elderly to help out this holiday season. We’re happy to say that all of the individuals in need received help from the community this year.
As we come to an end of 2016, we want to thank YOU for your continued support, which allows us to give back to our community. We pride ourselves not only on the furniture we sell, but we do as a company. We believe all companies, large and small, have a responsibility to give back to their local communities. Thank you for taking the time to read about our year in review!
From the entire Vermont Woods Studios Team, we’re wishing you all a happy New Year and prosperous 2017.

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