5 of Our Most Affordable Round Wood Dining Tables

5 of Our Most Affordable Round Wood Dining Tables

In every home, the dining table stands out as a central gathering place, featuring meals shared, stories told, and memories made.

Among the various shapes and sizes of dining tables available, round wood tables hold a special place in our hearts, as they foster an environment of inclusivity and intimacy for all. 

The unique shape of these tables allow for better flow of conversation (in our opinion), making them an ideal choice for family dinners and gatherings. Below, check out 5 of our most affordable round wood dining tables:

1. Essentials Round Dining Table with Wood Legs

Essentials Round Dining Table with Wood Legs

The Essentials Round Dining Table is a masterpiece of eco-conscious design and sustainable craftsmanship. Created with a deep respect for the environment, the table elevates the concept of eco-friendliness, as its natural wood is not only sustainably harvested, but repurposed from remnants of other furniture projects– a testament to Copeland’s ongoing mission to blend environmental responsibility with mid-century design. 

2. Entwine Round Glass Top Dining Table

entwine round table

The Entwine Round Dining Table marries form and function, featuring a pristine round surface that offers a view to its true showstopper: a sculptural base crafted from sustainably sourced cherry wood. The unique design of the table celebrates the natural beauty and characteristics of cherry wood in its full glory. If your taste leans towards furniture that combines artistic expression with high-quality materials, the Entwine Round Dining Table is the perfect choice to bring a sense of boldness and sophistication to your dining area.

3. Classic Shaker Round Solid Top Dining Table

Classic Shaker Round Solid Top Dining Table

The Classic Round Shaker Dining Table blends simplicity with modernity. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by skilled artisans in Vermont, this table is a testament to traditional craftsmanship. Its standout feature is its modern tapered legs, which provide a contemporary twist to the classic Shaker style. 

Constructed from natural solid hardwoods, the table not only promises durability, but adheres to sustainable practices. Each table features traditional joinery, ensuring that it’s not only stylish, but will endure the test of time. Ideal for those who appreciate sustainable, handcrafted furniture, the Classic Round Shaker Dining Table is designed to be a lasting centerpiece in your home.

4. French Country Round Solid Top Table

French Country Round Solid Top Table

Experience the charm and elegance of classic European design with our Round French Country Solid Top Table. This table exudes a timeless grace, drawing its inspiration from traditional French country aesthetics. The most striking feature of this table lies in its beautifully crafted legs, which are designed to capture the essence of French country style, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your space.

5. Vermont Modern Round Solid Top Pedestal Table

Vermont Modern Round Solid Top Pedestal Table

For traditional design and contemporary elegance, check out the Vermont Modern Pedestal Table. Handmade in Vermont, this round pedestal dining table is a testament to superior craftsmanship and organic beauty. Its solid construction and timeless design makes it a versatile piece, suitable for both formal dining rooms and casual kitchen settings.

At Vermont Woods Studios, we strive to bring sustainable, handcrafted elegance into your home. If you didn’t find that perfect fit above, be sure to take a look at our full collection of Round Wood Dining Tables.

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