Stonehurst Showroom’s Edible Landscape – Spring Has Sprung!

Last updated on April 22nd, 2022 at 04:19 pm

Enjoying our land on a dreary day

This year, we received a truckload of compost from a local rancher (the father of our fantastic intern Whitney—if you received a package of wood samples last year, she may have sent them to you). Tractor load by tractor load we are moving the compost to sunny spots on the property. Placing compost directly onto the grass eliminates the need for labor-intensive tilling.

Moving compost using our tractor with company mascot Ry Cooder

The land at Stonehurst is very hilly, and tilling could cause erosion problems. We have planted perennial trees and bushes on the hillsides to avoid this. When mature, these will keep our soil from slipping away during heavy rains as well as providing us with delicious fruits, berries, and nuts.

Land steward Jake assessing bud emergence on one of our peach trees

Terracing can also help avoid erosion. We have used rocks, felled trees, and barn wood reclaimed from the property to make hillside garden beds.

As retailers of furniture made of regionally harvested North American hardwoods, we are passionate about using the land in ways that are sustainable and just make sense. You can follow our land management journey on Facebook and Instagram. Check back with us later in the season, and book your visit to Stonehurst—we want to share the harvest with you!

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