Outdoor Patio Furniture: 4 Reasons to Buy POLYWOOD

Outdoor Patio Furniture
Customer Photo Sent in by Richard in San Diego of his POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chairs

Outdoor Patio Furniture Should Be Enjoyed Year After Year

I remember my parent’s first outdoor patio furniture set. It was made of metal and painted white. It had a traditional “grooved” glass top and matching folding chairs that each had an overwhelming 90s floral pattern cushion. It was clunky and attracted rust. When my parents decided to move it to a different spot, they dropped it just hard enough that the entire glass top shattered into a million pieces.

Needless to say, that patio furniture didn’t last long, nor did the subsequent furniture my parents bought for our deck.

One year not too long ago, my mother was gifted two wooden Adirondack chairs. We quickly learned they were not built for harsh New England winters and the year round rain showers though. And, just a few short years later the bottoms rotted out.

Does that sound like an experience you’ve had with outdoor furniture? Well I empathize with you!

To save you from investing more money into outdoor patio furniture that will meet the curb in a few years time, I’ve compiled a list of why you should consider POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture.

Outdoor Patio Furniture
Our Euro 7-Piece Dining Set

What is POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture you ask?

It is furniture made from recycled plastic lumber (RPL). No, it’s not wood and it’s not to be confused with the plastic outdoor furniture found in big box stores. With a mission focused on sustainability, it only makes sense for Vermont Woods Studios to carry such an environmentally friendly product. See reason number 4 to read about the sustainability behind POLYWOOD furniture.

outdoor patio furniture
Our Harbour 3-Piece Deep Seating Set

Here are my reasons you should consider investing in POLYWOOD:

  • Durability- With a POLYWOOD chair weighing on average 40 pounds, you can trust that your furniture won’t be picked up by a strong gust of wind. Being made of RPL, the furniture is resistant to harsh weather conditions and can be left outside year round. Other than the occasional cleaning (soap and water will do) POLYWOOD is also maintenance and hassle free.
outdoor patio furniture
Classic Folding Adirondack Chairs and side table in Tangerine
  • Lifetime Guarantee- We’re so confident in POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture that we put our money where our mouth is. Investing in POLYWOOD is easy when you know we back it for life!
Outdoor Patio Furniture
Our Jefferson and Presidential Outdoor Rocking Chairs in Black and White
  • Contemporary Design- Say goodbye to clunky, outdated design! POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture collections range from traditional Adirondack Chairs to sleek European inspired designs. Even the traditional designs can be found modified for those looking for a classic yet modern infused theme. Whether you opt for something nautical or urban know that your POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture is also made for comfort and relaxation.
Outdoor Patio Furniture
Contempo Bar Height Bistro Table and Stools
  • Environmentally Friendly- As I mentioned earlier, POLYWOOD is made of recycled plastic containers that is extruded into lumber and reduces the amount of plastic in our landfills. Because it’s made strong and built to last, it helps to reduce the demand on wood from endangered rainforests. Unlike a lot of treated wood lumber, POLYWOOD is made with no toxic preservatives, making it a great option for those with young children and those sensitive to the smells of certain chemicals.
Outdoor Patio Furniture
Traditional Garden 5-Piece Dining Set in White

With spring upon us, and summer closer than it seems, I’m already imagining myself relaxing in one of the Jefferson Outdoor Rocking Chairs, sipping a Cosmo and watching the sun set from my deck. You too should imagine yourself in POLYWOOD! It’s great for small and large spaces and comes in neutral and tropical colors! POLYWOOD is comfortable, contemporary and soon to become a classic! What more is there to say?!

If you would like to chat about our POLYWOOD furniture or any of our solid wood furniture, our helpful sales team is always available to help at (888) 390-5571. Passing through Vermont soon? Stop on into our Vernon, VT Showroom and check out a selection of our POLYWOOD furniture in person!

outdoor patio furniture

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