Our Company

Our showrrom at Stonehurst in Vernon, VT

Founded in 2005, we began as an online retailer of real solid wood furniture, handcrafted in Vermont. After 9 years of promoting this sustainable, American made furniture in our online store we are now proud to offer you a beautiful destination shopping experience in the woodlands of Southeastern Vermont.

Stonehurst, our new fine furniture and home decor showroom is housed in a charming 200 year old farmhouse that we carefully restored. It sits atop a mountain that used to be a ski resort in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, showcasing the work of many Vermont furniture makers and craftspeople.

Furniture making is our passion

Vermont has a long history of woodworking, over 200 years in fact. Our region is abundant in the premium hardwoods that our craftsmen carefully select. This fine woodworking heritage plus plentiful high quality hardwoods are combined to create naturally beautiful, functional, and timeless wood furniture you will be proud to own.

Green and local are not new ideas at Vermont Woods Studios

They are part of our ethos. We were born green with a mission of building a vibrant economy for furniture makers in Vermont. From the beginning, we’ve only worked with Vermont artisans and companies who use sustainably harvested wood and non-toxic finishes. Join us and feel good, not only about the quality of the furniture that you buy, but also about its impact on the world around us.

Our mission: Planet, People and Profit

Planet: Unlike other furniture companies, we avoid tropical woods that are often illegally harvested and destroy the rainforest at the mind-boggling rate of 1 football field per second. Instead, our wood is sourced right here in America. Maple from Vermont. Cherry from Pennsylvania. Walnut from Indiana. From recycling to shipping, we are focused on eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our business.

Profit: We look at profit a little differently than other companies. Giving back is a central part of who we are. From the Nature Conservancy to the Vermont Center for Eco Studies, we regularly donate portions of our profit to organizations involved in forest and wildlife conservation.

People: Here you’ll never find a factory with poor working conditions or illegal labor practices. Instead, you’ll find hard working and passionate people who want to bring you furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Our Customers

Who buys Vermont made furniture? Our customers are looking for 100% American-made, sturdy built furniture from solid hardwoods such as Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut. They desire exceptional craftsmanship, appreciate a natural style and want timeless furniture that can be passed on for generations. They understand that buying the right furniture means only buying it once. Some customers like to know where and how their furniture is made and having a connection to the craftsman is important to them. Whether buying exclusively American made furniture or supporting a regional domestic industry or helping provide a livelihood for a passionate craftsman, the origin of their furniture is important. We are proud to say that our furniture has now been delivered to every state in America.