Wood Samples

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Wood samples may be ordered in natural cherry, maple, oak or walnut. The cost of samples will be fully credited back to your account if you return them to Vermont Woods Studios.

Stains and custom finishes available with 10-20% upcharge. Contact us to order custom wood samples not offered above.

Remember cherry wood darkens with age and exposure to light. After a few months your cherry furniture will reach a rich reddish brown patina.


Please note that all woods are subject to common variations. We cannot guarantee that the graining or color of our furniture will exactly match the samples. Learn more about grain variations, natural markings and finish in our FAQ section.

Learn more about the different woods that we offer.


Only our Cherry Moon Furniture, American Shaker Furniture, and Vermont-Made Shaker Furniture Collections are available with an Oil/Poly Gel Finish.

Learn more about the different finishes that we offer.

See below to get an idea of what our different woods look like.