Tavolo Per Due Table - Floor Model

By David Holzapfel
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“Table for Two” is made of a single, solid, spalted yellow birch burl board and the triple-limbed crotch section of an ash tree. Both were harvested in Vermont.

The top is spalted yellow birch burl. When we look at the grain pattern of the top we note annual growth rings. Those rings relate to the growth of the burl away from the tree, not to the tree itself. I cut the board from the burl parallel to the tree, not parallel to the ground.

The shimmer and sparkle of the grain patterns are typical of yellow birch burl.

Spalting is a condition of wood. The variation in the color of the wood and the black lines which move through the wood are the indicators of “spalted” wood. The color variations across the board are created by various bacteria and fungi which were working to turn the tree into dirt. The black lines are mineral deposits, the initial stages of petrification. Both of these processes stop when the wood is dried, preserving the individual character of the board.

 The base is a triple-crotch of an ash tree, upside down. What now touches the floor were the three branches reaching up to the sky. I carved niches into the tree-form to reveal and celebrate the beauty inherent in crotch grain. The scorched outer surface of the base emphasizes the carved form and accentuates the grain of the niches.

 - David Holzapfel


29"H x 38" Diameter


Top: Spalted Yellow Birch Burl

Base: Ash (Three branches of an Ash Tree flipped upside down)

Finish:  Danish Oil & Polyurethane Finish

The Burl was originally cut in 1985