Invigo Ash Sit-Stand Desk - Priority Ship

By Copeland Furniture
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Improve your focus while maintaining a good posture with the sit-stand option on the Invigo Ash Desk from Copeland Furniture. The innovative three programmable height option provided in this desk allows you to change up your work position throughout the workday to improve comfort and posture. Outfitted with a solid ash wood top, this desk also brings unlimited style and personality to your space. Easily make this desk the perfect workspace for your office environment with its extensive custom options. Experience the ultimate in office comfort with an Invigo Desk of your very own.  

Base Price represents 60" x 26" desk in weathered ash, rectangular w/ ergonomic cut-out, black/white base, eased edge, grommet (left), powered insert (right)

Shown In weathered ash with black base, ergonomic cut-out, eased edge, grommet and powered insert 

Learn More about the Invigo Desk on our blog.

Limitation to our lifetime guarantee: The warranty on sit stand bases is five years for motors, electronic components and metal frames. 

Finish: Lacquer

Range of Motion

Most sit-stand desks have either 2 or 3 lift stages. Three stage desks generally have a greater range of motion.

Breadth of Options

Choose a deck for the appropriate size, shape and edge profile and select add ons such as drawer, keyboard tray, monitor arm, modesty screen and wire management as necessary.


Electronic sit-stand desks generally have single or dual motors. Dual motor desks tend to operate smoother and can accommodate a greater load. The weight capacity for this desk is 200lbs.

Wire Pass Through GrommetWire Passthrough
Monitor ArmMonitor Arm
Powered InsertOutlets and USB

Pencil Drawer or Keyboard Tray

Available on Rectangle or Rounded Rectangle tops. Not available on tops with Ergonomic Cutout.

Pencil drawerPencil Drawer
Keyboard trayKeyboard Tray
Wood Samples for this product are available here.

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