Blues Vibe


Artist’s Statement "Silk painting is an ancient Asian art form and it is very unique and mysterious. The silk itself is seemingly so fragile yet it is one of the strongest fibers in nature. There is also a serendipitous quality to painting on silk with dyes. The process never allows the artist to be fully in control or to know exactly the effect that will be created. My paintings on silk are whimsical vignettes of both rural and urban life in New England. It is my hope that they instill in the viewer a sense of joy and lightness. I also hope that my silk paintings are as healing to those that view my work as the process of creating them is to me. The creative process has been a powerful healing force in my life. I chose the name Crow House Studio because in Native-American legend the crow represents an omen of change, and is a shape-shifter. Crow medicine encourages people to shape shift their old realities into their future self." -Linda Marcille

Materials: Painting on Silk

Overall: 25" W x 29" H (including frame)

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