Vermont: The Wood Furniture Capital of America

With abundant natural resources, a long history of woodworking, and thousands of craftspeople, it’s easy to see how some of the highest quality furniture in the world comes out of the Green Mountain State. And with so many American made furniture brands now making their furniture overseas, Vermont has quietly become the new wood furniture capital of the country.

Prior to the 1960s, the USA dominated the global furniture manufacturing industry. But by the 1980s, globalization was setting in and America's top furniture manufacturers began a mass exodus to countries like China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, among others. Loose regulations and cheap labor & materials quickly led to the outsourcing of America's furniture industry to Asia.

Today, companies we think of as quintessentially American– like Basset, Broyhill, Kincaid, Lane, La-Z-Boy, and others that used to source and manufacture their products in North Carolina, Virginia, and other states– have downsized their US manufacturing facilities in favor of lower production costs overseas.

We are proud to partner with Vermont furniture companies that have continued to operate successfully in the USA, remaining true to their communities, their employees, and their standards of quality even during the hardest of economic times.

Quilted Vermont Rocking Chair in Cherry

Quilted Vermont Rocking Chair

Contemporary Craftsman High Footboard Bed in Natural Cherry

Contemporary Craftsman High Footboard Bed

Invigo Adjustable Height Standing Desk in Walnut by Copeland Furniture

Invigo Walnut Standing Desk

Modern American Dining Table in Cherry

Modern American Dining Table

The Vermont Forest Economy

The Vermont Forest Economy

Vermont has a centuries-long history of woodworking and high quality craftsmanship that can be traced back to the earliest days of American colonialism. When the first European colonists settled in Vermont back in the mid 18th century, the land they found was covered in rich and diverse forests with trees up to 6 feet in diameter and as tall as thirteen story buildings, some more than 300 years old.

These dense forests were the heartbeat of the early Vermont economy, providing income for land owners, loggers, saw mills, lumber yards, and woodworkers.

VWS land steward Jake Checani stands in front of wood shed

The History of Woodworking in Vermont

A Vermont furniture craftsman

The History of Woodworking in Vermont

By the 19th century almost every town in Vermont had woodworkers making furniture, kitchen accessories, and more. Around the turn of the 20th century, wood products became the single most important manufacturing industry in Vermont.

Since then, companies like H.T. Cushman, Vermont Tubbs, and others have nurtured the state’s woodworking talent. Today, the state boasts thousands of woodworkers who’ve been passed down techniques through several generations of craftspeople.

Vermont’s Talented Furniture Makers

Vermont’s Talented Furniture Makers

A thriving community of woodworkers has developed, bringing together Vermont families who have practiced woodworking for many generations and newcomers who have brought new and different aspects of the craft to the area. Woodworkers from all around the globe flock to Vermont to practice their craft in the Green Mountain state.

Over 2,000 small wood furniture makers dot the rural Vermont countryside. They produce a diverse collection of wood furnishings for every taste and budget and together they have earned a world-wide reputation for integrity, authenticity and sustainability. Some are medium to large sized manufacturers, others specialize in custom furniture, and still more do one-of-a-kind artisanal products.

Robin Chase and his team at Maple Corner Woodworks in Calais, Vermont stands proudly in front of a Cherry Moon Chest of Drawers

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