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Woodworking Network: Vermont Woods Studios Owner Leads Multinational Effort to Save Monarch Butterflies

Sunday, 21 Aug 2016

Vernon, VT- Vermont Woods Studios owner, Peggy Farabaugh, says she has partnered with two business owners in Mexico and Canada, to help save the habitat of the Monarch Butterfly. The tour is aimed at raising awareness of the endangered Monarch...

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Brattleboro Reformer: What Can You Do To Save the Monarchs?

Friday, 19 Aug 2016

Vernon>>Locals are invited to gather for an educational talk and to show support around the declining population of monarchs. Vermont Woods Studios (VWS), a small business that sells locally crafted wood furniture, is sponsoring, "Save the Monarchs" tour with Mexican monarch butterfly habitat expert Jose Luis Alvarez. 

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Featured in: Made in America-A Buyer's Guide For Donald Trump

Wednesday, 3 Aug 2016

From Jasper, Indiana to Youngstown, Ohio, down to Norfolk, Virginia, we found 61 furniture and frame manufacturers right here in the United States.

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Organic Authority: How to Make Certain Your Wood Furniture is Sustainable

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016

There are infinite ways that you can have a beter impact on the environment. In fact, making a commitment to be more eco-friendly can sometimes feel overwhelming because there are so many ways to do it. Where do you start, what priorities should you make, when is it okay to cheat a little? One possible area to focus on is your home, specifically with furniture solutions.

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Brattleboro Reformer: Monarch Butterflies Get Some Local Help

Friday, 24 Jun 2016

The creatures that soar in the air, displaying their orange, black and white patterned wings known as the Monarch butterfly, are now few and far between in Vermont.

The Monarch population has dropped 90 percent in North America and Mexico, according to Peggy Farabaugh, founder of Vermont Woods Studios. The monarchs cannot survive without milkweed plants. As caterpillars they only eat milkweed plants and as butterflies, they need milkweedto lay their eggs.

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Berkshire Eagle: Nature Watch-Attracting Monarch Butterflies to a Garden

Friday, 15 Apr 2016


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Brattleboro Reformer: Monarch butterflies can be saved by everyone

Thursday, 24 Sep 2015

Monarch Butterfiles Can Be Saved

Vernon is an entry point for monarch butterflies migrating north from their wintering grounds in Mexico.

In June, a group of nature lovers got together on the back deck of Vermont Woods Studios and shared milkweed seeds and plants — milkweed is the monarch's only food source and the over-use of pesticides has nearly eliminated it from today's landscape. We are planting milkweed in our gardens and backyards with the goal of providing habitat that will bring monarchs back to Vermont.

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Brattleboro Reformer: Vernon Woodworkers Launch Monarch Restoration Project

Thursday, 24 Sep 2015

Monarch Caterpillar

In the last few decades, Peggy Farabaugh noticed a distinct decline in the monarch butterfly population. After learning why, she decided to do something about it.

During the first week of September, the back deck of Vermont Woods Studios, the Vernon business she owns with her husband, Ken, became a sort of caterpillar hatchery.

“We have 15 cocoons in mesh hampers, and some on the milkweed plants in the field” behind the building, she said. The pupae should hatch into monarch butterflies by mid-month.

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