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Vermont Shaker Bedside Table
Sale: $1,033.20
Cherry Moon 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,701.00
Bow-Front 1-Drawer 1-Door Nightstand
Sale: $1,082.70
Modern Shaker 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,631.70
Andrews 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,312.20
Bow-Front 1-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $934.20
American Shaker 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,562.40
Bow-Front 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,382.40
Modern American 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,566.00
Vermont Shaker 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,562.40
Green Mountain 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,382.40
American Shaker 1-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,033.20
Vermont Shaker 1-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,285.20
Renfrew Shaker 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,296.00
American Country 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,266.30
Modern American 1-Door Nightstand
Sale: $927.00
Holland 1-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $936.90
Holland 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,395.90
Gamble 1-Drawer Nightstand With Door
Sale: $1,461.60
Loft 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,566.00
Larssen 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,566.00

Enhance the function and style of your bedroom with handmade, natural solid wood nightstands, bedside tables and night tables. Customize your nightstand online in a variety of different styles and configurations to find the nightstand that perfectly suits your needs. Then sleep well knowing your nightstand is 100% made in America with real, natural sustainability harvested hardwood.

Hardwood Choices for your Nightstand

Browse through our extensive collections of nightstands and bedroom furniture, all handcrafted in Vermont from your choice of these beautiful, high quality hardwoods:

Nightstand Options

Our solid wood nightstands have many options to suit your needs, including:

  • Simple Shaker tables
  • Nightstands with 1 drawer and 1 shelf
  • Nightstands with 1 drawer and a 1 door cupboard
  • Nightstands with 2 drawers and a shelf
  • Nightstands with 3 drawers

Nightstand Styles

A variety of different styles including Shaker, Mission, Modern, Contemporary, Traditional and Asian nightstands are available. Each nightstand or bedside table is 100% American made in Vermont from real wood that's sustainability harvested in the USA and guaranteed for a lifetime of use.

Learn more about buying online, our woods and finishes.