Park & Picnic Outdoor Furniture

Our low-maintenance super-durable POLYWOOD® park benches and picnic tables are designed for heavy-duty commercial outdoor use. Perfect for municipal parks, state parks and outdoor resorts. Made in America of recycled plastic and available in 6 natural colors: teak, mahogany, black, white, green and sand. Like real solid wood only POLYWOOD® is better!

Kids Picnic Table

Kids Picnic Table

by Polywood $279.00
Park 53 Octagon Picnic Table

Park 53" Octagon Picnic Table

by Polywood $2,199.00
Park Commercial 48 Bench

Park Commercial 48" Bench

by Polywood $589.00
Park 36 Round Picnic Table

Park 36" Round Picnic Table

by Polywood $1,259.00
Park 36 x 72 Harvester Picnic Table

Park 36" x 72" Harvester Picnic Table

by Polywood $1,059.00
Park Heavy Duty 72 Picnic Table

Park Heavy Duty 72" Picnic Table

by Polywood $1,659.00
Park 48 Backless Bench

Park 48" Backless Bench

by Polywood $389.00
Park 48 Square Dining Table

Park 48" Square Dining Table

by Polywood $979.00

Innovative POLYWOOD® recycled plastic lumber combined with premium stainless steel hardware makes our Commercial Outdoor Park Furniture Collection the highest quality outdoor park benches and picnic tables available. Our POLYWOOD® is ultra-durable, weather-resistant and affordable furniture. No need to store these Park Benches and Tables during winter months - leave them outside!

To learn more about POLYWOOD® Outdoor Furniture or our Lifetime Guarantee please give us a call at 888-390-5571 or contact us with your questions. Read more about buying from us or about our green mission on our Eco Blog.

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