Steve Upton Wildlife Photography Roars into Vermont Woods

Steve Upton | Wildlife Photography Exhibit | Vermont Woods Studios Wildlife photographer, Steve Upton is showcasing his work at Stonehurst this Spring and Summer. Over a dozen photos are available to view and purchase in-store as well as online.

Living Wild with National Geographic

Michelle's friend Steve Upton of South Deerfield, MA is a renowned wildlife photographer. He travels around the world with National Geographic getting up close and personal with tigers, leopards, wolves, bears, caimans, elephants, lions, alligators, exotic birds and animals of every size and shape. We were thrilled when Michelle asked Steve to exhibit at Stonehurst and he said yes.

Wildlife is Everywhere at Stonehurst

Stonehurst Furniture, Home Decor & Art Gallery | Vernon, Vermont Visit Stonehurst, a former ski area, now home to Southern Vermont's most unique fine furniture and art gallery. In addition to locally handcrafted furnishings, you'll find over a dozen amazing wildlife portraits by Steve Upton.

Wildlife Photography | Stonehurst Gallery | Vermont Woods Studios Our Vermont Shaker Four Poster Bed is surrounded by a jaguar, a couple of bear cubs, a tiger, some wolves and a few raptors. Photograph dimensions vary but are generally 2 - 3' in length and width. Prices range from $225 - $725.

Snowy Owl & Mouse | Wildlife Photography Exhibit | Stonehurst Gallery | Vermont Woods Studios "Snowy Owl & Mouse" With piercing precision, this female snowy owl saw its prey from a quarter mile away and quickly moved in for its stealth assault. Photo dimensions: 48 1/4"W x 19 1/4"H. Price $425.
Spring Fling | Wolf Pups in Minnesota | Steve Upton | Vermont Woods Studios Gallery at Stonehurst "Spring Fling" Gray wolf pups romp with an older sibling on the Canadian border of Minnesota. The entire pack is involved in the rearing of the new pups. Interestingly, fur colors can vary from cream to black and almost anything in between. Dimensions: 36"W x 24"H. Price $525.
Jaguar in Reeds | Steve Upton | Stonehurst Gallery | Vermont Woods Studios "Jaguar in Reeds" Hiding in reeds along the edge of a lagoon, this young male jaguar is trying to escape the searing heat of mid-day sun. Jaguars are the top of the food chain in this region with an unlimited supply of cayman (South American alligator) to feed on. They are about a third larger than the leopards of Africa. Dimensions: 27"W x 27"H. Price $250.

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