May is 'Garden For Wildlife' Month

Nina's beautiful pollinator garden at Stonehurst | Vermont Woods Studios This our flower garden at Stonehurst. When Nina and our Vermont Woods Studios "Garden Club" planted it, we had pollinators (especially monarch butterflies) in mind. But LARGER wild visitors also decided it was beautiful and delicious. Cut flowers for the showroom usually take a backseat to delicacies for ground hogs, wild turkeys and deer. Click on any photo to enter our #GetDirty giveaway (a $425 gift certificate) and celebrate planting with us.

Plant a Garden For Wildlife

May is National Wildlife Federation's Garden for Wildlife month. Since 1973, the program has been showing people how to turn their own small piece of the Earth into thriving habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife. The goal is to restore habitat and wildlife populations to our cities, towns and neighborhoods. The program helps wildlife and gives people a daily connection to the natural world right outside their door.

Planting a 'Garden for Wildlife May is 'Garden for Wildlife' month so we're planting milkweed to support monarch butterflies at Stonehurst. From left to right, your #GetDirty teammates are: Peggy, Ken, Michelle, Martin, Dennis, Sean, Mike and Rebecca.

Time to #GetDirty

We're always planting something at Vermont Woods Studios. We plant trees for every furniture order we take.... 50,000 trees and counting. We plant milkweed for monarch butterflies. We've got a Spring planting promotion going to encourage YOU to #GetDirty. Plant a pollinator garden, plant a tree... plant whatever you like and we'll plant an additional 425 trees and give away $425. It's our free raffle towards a Vermont Woods Studios shopping spree so click on the image above to enter and spread the dirt to all your friends!
Mike and Nina are on the deck at Stonehurst, planting milkweed for monarchs. Mike and Nina are on the deck at Stonehurst, planting milkweed for monarchs. Our monarch-loving customers make it possible for us to plant hundreds of seedlings every year and give them away to neighbors.

Plant an Apple Tree

Plant an Apple Tree | An Heirloom variety from the Scott Farm Our friend Annette brought us an heirloom apple tree from the Scott Farm in Dummerston last weekend. Owner, Zeke Goodband is a keeper of old-time apples whose farm is a living museum of 70 heirloom varieties, some dating back to the 17th century.

Certify Your Garden

If you're inspired to turn your yard, balcony container garden, schoolyard, green space at work, or roadside into a Certified Wildlife Habitat® you can get it certified and make an even bigger difference for neighborhood wildlife. Take a photo and share it with us on Facebook.

And don't forget to #Get Dirty With Us

to win a $425 Vermont Woods Studios Gift Certificate

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