Wood Stains from Copeland Furniture

Last updated on October 5th, 2022 at 01:49 pm

Copeland Audrey Table

If you’re not familiar with Copeland Furniture, they’re one of the leading manufacturers of modern and mid century furniture in the country. Located in Bradford, Vermont, Copeland was founded in 1976 by Tim Copeland.

Copeland offers furniture in cherry, walnut, maple, oak, and ash woods, and they use a clear, non-toxic lacquer as a wood finish.

In addition to offering furniture in several popular domestic hardwoods, Copeland also offers stained finishes on most of their collections. Here are their stain options for cherry, maple, ash, and oak (walnut is not typically stained due to its natural color).

Here are some images of products with these stain options:

Smoke Cherry

Catalina Round Table with Smoke Cherry finish
A Catalina Round Extension Table with a Smoke Cherry Finish

Cocoa Maple

Astrid Chest in Maple with a Cacoa finish
A maple Astrid Chest with a cocoa maple stain

Seared Ash

Copeland Surround Chest in Seared Ash
A Copeland Chest with a Seared Ash finish (this product has been discontinued)

Taupe Ash

Surround Chest with Taupe Ash stain
A Copeland Chest with a Taupe Ash finish (this product has been discontinued)

Weathered Ash

Copeland Surround Dresser with weathered ash finish
A Copeland Dresser with a Weathered Ash finish (this product has been discontinued)

For more images of stained furniture from Copeland, contact our sales team. Or if you’d like to see the stains in person, request wood samples.

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