Welcoming Back Monarch Butterflies to Vermont

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 04:36 pm

Salesperson Alex with a butterfly taking cover from the rain, last summer

Each spring, Monarch Butterflies return to North America from their winter habitat. You may know about our tree-planting partnership with Forest for Monarchs in Michoacan, Mexico, but Monarchs need our support here in Vermont, too.

Milkweed is the host plant of the Monarch Butterfly. Mature Monarchs lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves of the plant, and larval caterpillars rely on the plant for the entirety of their diet at this stage of life.

Founder and CEO Peggy Farabaugh harvesting milkweed seed pods in the fall for spring sowing

Every year, we start milkweed seeds indoors, and also direct-sow them outdoors, in order to support the Monarchs. This year, we are also starting milkweed plants in small cells we have made out of rolled newspaper for ease of distributing them to the community. If these plants are to make a comeback in southern Vermont, they will need to be planted more broadly than just our 109 acres.


Salesperson Sean Henry separating milkweed plant starts from a tray of seedlings

Many in our small town of Vernon, Vermont have said that the milkweed plants which return every year will be the lasting legacy of founder and CEO Peggy Farabaugh. We are so proud of her!

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