All Weather Porch Furniture: Less Maintenance, More Wine!

Last updated on June 30th, 2022 at 03:03 pm

All Weather Porch Furniture
Doesn’t this look like the perfect scene for you and your best friends? Our Tip: Mix & Match colors to create a look that fits with your porch, patio, or yard!

In Vermont, spring and summer slip by all too quickly so when winter finally rolls out of sight, we want to get outside and relax in the sunshine ASAP. And that’s where the beauty of POLYWOOD All Weather Porch Furniture comes in so handy. There’s no longer any need to go schlepping downstairs to the basement and dragging heavy outdoor furniture outside before you can relax on the patio in the warm sunshine.

All Weather Porch Furniture: What is it?

POLYWOOD is new type of American made, recycled plastic furniture that can be left outdoors all winter long! It’s basically impervious to harsh weather such as rain, snow, ice, and salt water. Made from recycled milk jugs, POLYWOOD is a thick, heavy, dense plastic designed to replicate high quality tropical lumber like mahogany and teak. It’s maintenance free and insect, mold and mildew-proof. And POLYWOOD is available in natural colors, plus white, black and a wide variety of vibrant contemporary colors. Best of all, POLYWOOD colors are infused throughout the recycled plastic lumber, rather than just on the surface so there’s no need to ever refinish. Hooray!

Now your Springtime routine of lugging furniture to the patio, scrubbing it clean, scraping old paint and applying new paint pretty much boils down to this: pour wine, sit on your POLYWOOD with a book and relax in the sunshine!

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