Vermont Sends Cat To The Oscars

The Oscars are starting in a few minutes and that's all you hear about on TV right now.  At Vermont Woods Studios, we don't have much of a Hollywood fan club– nor does the rest of Vermont.  In fact, you might say Vermont is the antithesis of Hollywood.  But just for fun, I started googling around to see if anyone from Vermont would be at tonight's Tinseltown festivities.


All I could find was Oscar's Farm, a place where "people live harmoniously with nature and practice sustainable living".  Apparently not the same Oscars.


Then I found Oscars Casual Dining in Williston, VT.   Nope.


But after a bit of searching… low and behold it seems we do have one Vermont celebrity who's in the news for attending the Oscars and true to  Hollywood's mega-star protocol, she goes by just a first name.  It's Squeak. 

 Squeak is making her Oscar debut to promote BirdsBeSafe Cat Collars, colorful collars designed to grab the attention of songbirds and send them flying safely away from innocent-looking predators.  The collars are going in celebrity swag bags at various Oscar events.

Bongo, Shadow and Pepper think it's fitting that Vermont's only notable attendee at the Oscars is a cat.  And one looking out for the welfare of our feathered-friends, no less. Let's just hope she doesn't accidently lunge out at Billy Crystal or any of the other songbirds on stage tonight.

Go Squeak! And our best to Nancy Brennan, founder of BirdsBeSafe in Duxbury, Vermont.


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