The Link Between Sustainable Furniture and Tigers

Did you know that a portion of every sale at Vermont Woods Studios goes to charities and non-profits that work to preserve the worlds forests, and the animals and people who live there?  Every December we begin to make our annual donations and today, we are sending a gift to the World Wildlife Fund to support their conservation efforts to save the tiger. 

It seems impossible, but the fact is that wild tiger numbers have dropped from 100,000 to less than 4,000 over the last century, and the remaining tigers occupy only 7% of their historic range.  They are literally teetering on the brink of extinction. 

Although many threats account for the decline of tigers, one serious problem is deforestation and the loss of their natural habitats in India, Southeast Asia, Indochina and Russia. 


You can support the conservation of tigers by ensuring that any furniture, flooring or other forest products you buy comes from wood that has been locally and sustainably harvested and/or certified green by the Forest Stewardship Council.


Long live the tiger!

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Peggy Farabaugh

She is a CEO who brakes for salamanders, has bottle-fed rescued squirrels and spent her vacation building furniture for a rural school in Costa Rica. She believes in the future and in the people who will build it. A former distance-learning professor at Tulane University with a master’s in environmental health & safety, she turned an interest in forest conservation and endangered species into a growing, local business. She delivers rainforest statistics at breakneck speed, but knows how to slow down and appreciate the beauty of a newly finished piece of heirloom furniture.

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