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Co-founder of the Vermont Center for EcoStudios, Kent McFarland shares his 13 favorite nature photos from 2013 in this month’s VCE newsletter and on his blog, One Square Meter.

I just received my January 2014 edition of the VCE newsletter and wanted to share some highlights with you.  VCE is one of my favorite non-profits.  It’s a group of dedicated researchers and scientists working to promote conservation and biodiversity in the Green Mountains and beyond.

The hardworking naturalists at VCE have an amazing array of research and citizen science projects going on throughout Vermont.  I first learned about them when Kendall and Riley were little and we got involved with vernal pool mapping and spotted salamander crossing projects.  Over the years we’ve also participated in the development of a Vermont breeding bird atlas and surveys of Vermont’s butterflies and bumble bees.

Another project I follow is VCE’s Caribbean bird conservation which seeks to protect migratory birds that spend their summers in Vermont and winters in Central America and the Caribbean.  This project ties in to our mission of rainforest conservation at Vermont Woods Studios.

If you’re in Vermont or the Caribbean and looking to do some fun and interesting work in conservation, have a look at VCE’s website.  It includes a wealth of information and dozens of opportunities to volunteer with like-minded people who love nature and wildlife.  As noted on their website, VCE’s success is highly dependent on your help.  Their work “gathers strength from volunteers who monitor wildlife in the Northeast and from a network of professional partners that extends from Canada to South America. This approach is successful because conservation is as much about people as it is about science.  With a reach extending from northeastern Canada through the Caribbean to South America, our work in wildlife research and monitoring unites people and science for conservation.”

You can meet fascinating people, have some fun and make the world a better place by volunteering as a citizen scientist for VCE.  Why not give them a call today?

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