VWS Sponsors an Aquatic Field Trip for Vernon Elementary School

Vernon Elementary School Students: Future Scientists of America?

We are so happy to have sponsored BEEC’s Aquatic Field Trip, where Vernon Elementary School students got the opportunity to explore a pond ecosystem and observe a variety of aquatic organisms. They studied the life cycles and food webs of these insects and amphibians, explored the ponds, and kept field notes on their findings. The students caught, identified, and shared their discoveries with the class! We think we have some brilliant scientists and biologists in the making!

DSC04593Students were eagerly identifying different creatures they caught, and were excited to share their findings with their classmates. 



DSC04632They worked alongside each other and collaborated on how to best catch the creatures without harming them!



DSC04657Peggy got an up close look at a water bug that was discovered by one of the aquatic explorers. 





DSC04651Students took detailed field notes on their discoveries and sightings at the pond. 



DSC04675Teachers and students were excited to share the bugs they found with us. 


DSC04689Can you spot the water snake? It was the talk of the trip!


We’d like to thank BEEC for organizing this great trip and giving kids the opportunity to get outside and learn about the environment hands on. To learn more about them and their mission, visit their website



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