Tree Free Greetings on Arbor Day

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Usually when the mail comes I'm quick to toss it on Douglas' desk because it's an invoice or statement or other uninteresting transmittal. But today there was a beautiful, hand-addressed card on top of the mail pile and the stamp had a Trident Maple Bonsai tree on it.  How intriguing.


So I kept this letter for myself.  Inside was a check (always my favorite mail to open) and a "racy" greeting card from one of our customers in West Yarmouth, MA.


The card was made by Tree-Free Greetings in Keene, NH which is just down the road from us.  It's a small company I've never even heard of.  But their cards are made from recycled content and Kenaf– an American grown plant that grows 15 feet in 5 months, uses no harmful chemicals in processing and is fully recyclable.


I have to say… our customers are the ultimate.  They keep us going when times get tough.  Sending us money in a locally made,  eco-friendly card on Arbor Day…  how cool is that? 


Many thanks to the Merrill family!   


And happy Arbor Day, everyone.


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