Tree Photos

Beautiful Tree Photos
Trees are not only beautiful, they provide oxygen to breath, absorbe carbon pollution, improve water quality, help prevent erosion, provide food and building materials, create shade, and help make our natural world an inspiration.

Who doesn’t love trees?  As a purveyor of natural wood furniture, we are big tree lovers.  Not surprisingly, forest conservation is a big part of our mission at Vermont Woods Studios.  If we’re going to be providing solid wood furniture for generations into the future, we have to focus on forest conservation today.

This morning I was searching for a tree photo to help us show people how your furniture gets from the forest to your living room.  I couldn’t believe how many spectacular tree photos are out there!  It’s obvious we’re not the only tree fanatics on this planet.

Pinterest Boards: Tree Photos
It’s easy to get lost in the dozens of “Tree Boards” on Pinterest.  In addition to “beautiful tree photos” there’s a board for “unusual trees” like  this tree that’s grown through the hood of an old junk car.

Pinterest seems to be the keeper of some of the world’s favorite tree photos.  The Pinterest “Trees” page contains boards on every tree topic you can think of, from “tree houses” to “roots”, “forests”, “tree life” and  “tree tatoos”.

Then there’s another love afair with trees on a site called (pardon me) Tree Porn (somewhat akin to the website Kendall showed me called Food Porn— great food photos and recipes).   40 Nautrally Beautiful Photos of Trees is another web page showcasing amazing tree photos.

Beautiful Tree Photos | Tree Porn | Sustainable Wood Furniture
This site is not what you think. 

OK, now I have to get back to writing a post about how your furniture gets from the forest to your living room.  But this was a fun digression.





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