Handmade Dining Tables: Online Customization

Custom Handmade Dining Tables | American Made in Vermont | All Real Solid Cherry Wood
This Vermont Modern Pedestal Table can be customized online in solid cherry, walnut, maple or oak wood.  It’s one of our many handmade dining tables, shown here with a round solid-top.  Need more room sometimes?  Use our drop-down menus to select an oval extension table instead.

We have a couple new handmade dining tables that have been getting great reviews lately.  This one’s the Vermont Modern Pedestal Table and it’s shown here in solid cherry wood.  I love it!  Such a simple design, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to pull this off with elegance.  The proportions have to be just perfect and the curves (as they say) have to be in all the right places.

All of our dining tables are built to order and can be easily customized online or in the showroom, but for some reason this Vermont Modern Pedestal Table is becoming a favorite for customization.  We’ve built it in solid cherry as well as solid maple, walnut and oak.  You can easily customize the wood online using the drop down menus and many people do, although we are always at the ready if questions or concerns come up.  Monday, a customer decided to choose cherry wood for the legs and maple wood for the top.  That’s something we have to do by phone or in person but it’s no trouble at all.

Now about size. You can select from 5 standard solid top table sizes (36″ diameter, 42″diameter, 48″diameter, 54″diameter, and 60″diameter) online.  For extension tables, we offer the same 5 diameter sizes, each with an 18″ leaf.  If you still can’t find the right size, give us a call and we’ll customize your dining table to fit exactly into your space.

Custom Handmade Dining Tables | Rectangular Extension Table or Solid Top | Solid Cherry Wood
Here’s the same Vermont Modern dining table in a rectangular shape.  Customize it with a solid top or as an extension table in solid cherry wood (as shown) maple, walnut or oak wood.  You can even create a custom 2-tone dining table like the customer who specified a maple top and cherrywood legs.

One last thing.  Most of our handmade dining tables can be customized in the shape you need as well.  The Rectangular Vermont Modern Trestle Dining Table is customizable online with the same four solid wood choices (cherry, maple, walnut and oak), 13 different solid top table sizes and 11 different choices for extension table size.

Not enough choices?  Check out our other customizable handmade dining tables too!

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