Forest Conservation is an Integral Part of Climate Change Policy

Today the congressional bipartisan Commission on Climate and Tropical Forests issued its report highlighting the fact that we cannot win the battle against climate change without protecting the world's forests.  Hmmm.. seems like what we've been saying right here for YEARS.

Read more about it in the commission's report.

Here are a few frightening facts we've put out before that were reiterated by the Commission:

  • 17% of all carbon emissions released into the atmosphere are a result of destruction of the world's forests
  • 50,000 square miles of forest, an area larger than the state of Pennsylvania disappear every year due to forest devastation.

Can you believe that?  How many Pennsylvanias do we have to spare?

As wood furniture makers, we feel responsibility in the area of forest stewardship.  We are contacting our representatives in congress to urge them to read, understand and take action on the findings of the Commission's report.  We hope you will too.

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