Solid Cherry Wood Furniture: 3 Ways To Tell If It’s Real

solid cherry wood
Our American Mission Dining Room in Cherry wood. You’ll notice this table set has a lighter, almost pink hue. That’s because when photographed it was a new set, overtime it will darken into a rich, reddish-brown tone.

Cherry, cherry cherry. Over half the furniture we sell at Vermont Woods Studios is made of beautiful, lustrous cherry wood from the American black cherry fruit tree.  Often customers come to us a little bit suspicious about whether our handmade furniture is made of real solid cherry wood.

Well, it’s no wonder!  Most furniture that’s sold as cherry isn’t cherry at all.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  So I thought we would publish a few tips for determining if the cherry furniture you’re looking at is actually made of real cherry.

solid cherry wood
Our American Shaker Panel Bed and case goods in Cherry wood.

 Here are 3 things to look for:

What color is the wood?

OK, this is a trick question. Freshly harvested cherry wood is a light pinkish color but as cherry ages or ripens in the presence of light, it gets darker and eventually reaches a rich reddish brown.  So when you’re shopping be sure to ask if the furniture is brand new or if it’s been in the showroom for a number of months.

Often customers will request a dark stain on cherry to “hurry-up” the process.  If you just can’t wait we can usually convince our furniture makers to stain cherry but most of them would rather plead with customers to be patient and wait for the real thing.

solid cherry wood
You can see the cherry wood grain in the door panels of our American Shaker Large TV Stand

What does the grain look like?

Solid cherry wood has a simple, fine, closed grain, much like that of maple.  Fake “cherry” wood often has little or no grain pattern.  It’s made by taking a cheaper wood, bleaching it, texturizing it with chemicals, then staining it with a “cherry” stain.

Are there occasional black flecks and black streaks in the wood?

Real cherry has beautiful markings (from gum streaking, mineral deposits and pin knots).  Fake cherry looks entirely uniform in grain due to the chemical processing mentioned above.  It’s unlikely you’ll ever find black flecks or streaks in faux cherry woods.

solid cherry wood
Our Vermont Shaker Wide Chest in Cherry wood.

Do you have any other questions about solid cherry wood that hasn’t been answered on our Cherry Wood info page? That’s okay-give our knowledgeable sales team a call at (888) 390-5571, live chat during business hours or stop into our historic Stonehurst Showroom in the hills of the Green Mountains.

solid cherry wood

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