Caring for the Community: Kelsey & Sean do Meals on Wheels

Vermont Woods Studios fine furniture participates in meals on wheels!
Do you see my new friend behind me? 🙂

Every Friday Peggy goes to the local nursing home and picks up meals on wheels for local Vernon residents. But on Friday, Sean and I got to go out and meet some awesome senior folks from the area and deliver their meals on wheels! We handed out a weekends worth of cold and hot food to nine different people around the town. It was great to see how happy and appreciative they were of the food, and we were really glad that we got the experience to meet them and be a part of the program. It was interesting to see that for some people there was more than just the food to really look forward to… it was just being around someone who was eager to say hello and listen to a story or to (or three or more for some people!)

When I first applied to Vermont Woods Studios, one of the things that really excited me was the fact that the company is mission driven. And while our mission is about sustainability, caring for your neighbors (particularly those in need) is a practice of sustainability. When you form a connection with your community members and neighbors, even something as small as volunteering to drop off food to local elderly people once a week is improving your local, community environment. It’s helping people sustain healthy, comfortable lives, and ending senior hunger!

Programs like meals on wheels are so encouraging. It helps you see that the little things count so much, and it only takes one action to really make someones day! If you’re having a bad day, I’d challenge you to go out and do something nice for someone in need, it’s hard to feel bad when you are making someone else smile. 🙂

To get involved with your local meals on wheels program, visit the Meals on Wheels Association of America!

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