Happy Birthday, Sean

Happy Birthday, Sean

Office politics around Vermont Woods Studios can get pretty brutal.  I’m not sure what Sean did yesterday but it must have been pretty horrendous to deserve this kind of treatment– on his birthday, no less.  A Pick on Sean jar?  There was quite a bit of money in it too.  In spite of their denials, I have to believe those innocent looking women on the right (Michelle and Loryn, believe it or not) are involved in perpetrating this offense.   Liz would have nothing to do with it– I feel certain of that.

Word has it that the crew didn’t get the response they had hoped for yesterday when they tried to raise money with a Swear Jar  so they took their frustrations out on poor Sean.  What do you think?  Any ideas to bail Sean out of this trouble?  It’s his birthday… he needs some support.  Send him a few words of encouragement on our Facebook!


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