Avoiding The Race To The Bottom

What's your favorite thing about Internet shopping?  Convenience?  Unlimited choices?  Price comparisons? You can get exactly what you want when you want it?

In the world of handcrafted American made furniture, the Internet has been both a blessing and a curse.  In Vermont for example, we've seen a growing increase in total sales of Vermont made furniture that can be attributed in part to the Internet.

But, of course we've also seen a growing list of nefarious websites that have stolen Vermont furniture photos and information from legitimate Vermont furniture websites and listed it for lower prices on counterfeit websites in the USA and overseas.  Furniture makers from all across America are vulnerable to this.

So, along with a weak economy, it's driving many American furniture makers to lower prices to the point where they are going out of business.

I love Herman Miller furniture. They're not the cheapest guy on the block.  They are the best.  Not just in terms of the quality of their furniture but in their contribution to society and their committment to help build a better world. 

Herman Miller is a good role model for other American furniture makers.  They're what American furniture is all about.



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