MyWebRoom: Virtual Interior Design to Organize your Life

Check out this WebRoom created using some Vermont Woods Studios furniture. Can you spot what pieces are ours? Hint: They include some of our more unique Vermont made artisan pieces.

So what is MyWebRoom all about?

MyWebRoom is a digital platform where you can organize your life in a visually beautiful and interesting way. You can organize & interact with your favorite products, websites, and friends!

In the same way that you might organize a room in real life– a television for your entertainment, books for reference, notebooks for writing, etc… you organize your digital life with MyWebRoom. For example, do you see the cute little puppy standing on the yellow rug? In your WebRoom, you can click on the puppy and be brought to a page with tons of great pet websites. Many of the pages are auto-suggested but you  have the option to add your own favorite sites too!

Virtual Room Design
Click this photo for more information on putting pets in your WebRoom!

The pet option is just one small feature of MyWebRoom and all of its greatness. You’ll find that practically any type of site you can imagine, can be organized in your WebRoom. Plus, you have the option to choose from hundreds of great decor pieces to make your room look as stylish as you like it! So head on over to MyWebRoom and get to organizing your digital space today! 

If you want to learn more about this website and the people behind it, find them on social:

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